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G-Ceram  Ceramic for zirconia and metal

A natural feldspathic porcelain powder, same wear resistance as natural teeth.

Thanks to its easy modelling G-CERAM is a reliable ceramic powder for veneering, especially recommended for laboratories whose priority is quality and accuracy.

Easy to use for the ceramist with a little experience but becomes extremely fine for the experienced technicians that recognizes its physical properties and aesthetic performances.

G-CERAM powders offers an immediate and accurate support in shade matching after each layering process with all necessarily powders.

High colour stability is ensured, even in the presence of varied thickness. High translucency provides a natural light reflection.

Natural characterization for superior true-to-life aesthetic appearance in all light conditions thanks to the higher degree of translucency and colour depth. Offering a wide colour range, G-CERAM Ceramic powder will meet all your specific shade requirements.

We are looking for partners (dental depots) in Europe. Mail to Dirk Annaars  d.annaars@enta.nl

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